We believe our designs and productions speak for themselves, but behind them lies another overlooked skill: listening.

We pride ourselves on understanding your business, ensuring we deliver a solution that speaks your customer’s language.

We like making things work, in particular websites that you can keep updated. We do this by creating custom content management systems (or back offices, if we're being informal).

This means that things behave just how you’d like. We’ve done this for award winning websites like World In Beta, and clients including The Pavement Magazine and the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Roundhouse Design
Web site & CRM Software
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For bespoke British kitchen brands Roundhouse, presentation is paramount, so we created a dynamic, animated site. It doesn’t use Flash, so it behaves beautifully on an iPad.

The back office which updates the site is complemented by an e-news service and customer relationship management software, allowing Roundhouse to manage its web presence, client leads and contractors — following a kitchen’s progress through to completion.

Science Museum
Graphic & interaction design
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We designed the graphics and interfaces for two kiosks in the Science Museum’s ‘Who Am I?’ gallery, the project also included helping develop game strategies.

The purpose built kiosks (which the museum calls ‘Bloids’) run ‘FaceFit’, a facial recognition test, and a personality test.

Our hobbies include creating social media widgets (we designed Facebook apps for TV shows The Royle Family and Benidorm), font design (we created typefaces used in number plate software), Flash games, and screensavers.

We’re not just web based. We’ve designed kiosks for the Science Museum and programmed video pods for Orange and PwC. We’ve produced interactive TV demos for MTV, Music Choice and Flextech and educational music software for the Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music (and even clients with short names like ABC). And sometimes we even get out.

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